My life moved to fast-track mode after I got into an Accountability Partner system a few months back! So, who is an Accountability Partner? It is a person who holds you accountable for achieving your goals on a regular basis and you do the same for that person.

In the below video, let me show you the exact system that I follow which has helped me to quickly achieve many of my goals.

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My Accountability Partner, Stephen Parr, is an author and Financial Advisor from New Zealand. We speak to each other for about 45 minutes on every Monday over a Skype call. Before we get onto the call, you update our accountability sheet so that we can be better prepared. This is basically a Google spreadsheet that both of us can see. It has 3 columns with one worksheet for each of us. The first column has the list of our top priorities for the week. In the 2nd column we mention whether we could achieve our goal or not and in the 3rd column we briefly write down our success stories and our challenges.

I’ve included my accountability sheet template for you to download HERE.

With Stephen
Stephen and me during one of our weekly calls

During the call, I speak for the first 15-20 minutes discussing my current projects and asking Stephen’s feedback. Then it’s Stephen’s turn to talk about the challenges he’s been facing and the good things that have happened to him during the previous week. Stephen gives me very honest feedback which has helped me take the right decisions on many occasions. Likewise, he takes my ideas and suggestions very seriously as well. I can vouch for this system because it has helped me write and publish my book within 2 months!

I highly recommend you to find an accountability partner. Just look for 2 qualities before choosing one:

  1. a person who is genuinely interested in helping you.

  2. a person who can give you the commitment of talking to you every week

Make sure that you too give the same commitment to your accountability partner. He/she could be a friend or a family member or it could be a person whom you don’t know much. In my case, I met Stephen in an online course that we both were doing. It really doesn’t matter if the person belongs to your industry or has a completely different background. Just ensure the person is as ambitious as you in elevating the quality of his/her life.

I wish you all the best to find a great accountability partner who can help you skyrocket your life! Waiting to hear your stories in the comments below.