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Who should read this Book?

People who are looking for an additional source of income

Employees who want to quit their boring job to follow their passion

Wantrepreneurs who want to start a business with minimal investment

Entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to earn passive income

Stay-at-home moms, students & retired people who want to work from home

Solopreneurs who want to establish their personal brand through different online platforms

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What does Job Escape Plan Offer?

The 7 steps to start an online business from home

Ways to assess your current reality & design your dream lifestyle

Methods to discover your passion & decide your niche

The top 7 online platforms that are ideal for a home business

Interviews of online entrepreneurs that's loaded with information

Plenty of resources to help you get started with your side business


Get Access to Watch the Video Interviews of 7 Super Successful Online Entrepreneurs

John Lee Dumas talks about Podcasting
Steve Scott talks about Kindle Publishing
Stefan Pylarinos talks about YouTube marketing
Nick Loper talks about Blogging
Rob Cubbon talks about creating Udemy courses
Alex Genadinik talks about creating Mobile Apps
Andy Dew talks about selling physical products through Amazon FBA


Hi, I am Jyotsna, the HomeEntrepreneur™ (stay-at-home mom + entrepreneur). My journey towards freedom began when I decided never to be an employee ever again. I tried out various businesses to support my decision- started a staff recruitment agency, became a franchisee of a chocolate brand, did freelance web designing. The arrival of my daughter Advika was the turning point in my life. I realized during my maternity break that none of my businesses were generating income if I was not actively working. I was actually self-employed, I was not a business owner. I had not built in the right systems to automate my businesses. I understood that in order to enjoy true freedom I needed to create passive income streams. The best way to do that was to start online businesses. I now run a book publishing company called Happy Self Publishing where we help authors to get their book published. Through this book I’ve shared all the tools and strategies that have helped me transform myself from an employee to an entrepreneur, which I’m sure will help you too.

What are People Saying?

“Jyotsna is very inspiring & I love what she’s created with the Job Escape Plan. She’s someone who practices what she preaches so I’m excited to see her success with this book.”
Chandler Bolt
Chandler Bolt Self-PublishingSchool.com
“Having read similar books, like Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Work Week, I wasn’t expecting to learn anything new, however, the way Jyotsna presents the information makes it a much easier book to digest and take action.”
Lise Cartwright
Lise Cartwright OutsourcedFreelancingSuccess.com
“Well researched, authoritative, informative and full of action packed steps to get you cracking towards building your online business, Job Escape Plan is the perfect companion for people who dream of breaking out and being their own boss!”
Scott Allan
Scott Allan Author - Rejection Reset
“Jyotsna provides you with multiple ways to escape from your 9-5 job with confidence. She enables you to identify a platform you’re passionate about and how to select the right niche for your product or service.”
Hahna Kane Latonick
Hahna Kane Latonick Author - Master your Money
“This author knows what she is talking about. Jyotsna the HomeEntrepreneur tells the story of her own Job Escape and the success that followed.  She provides information and inspiration that millions of people are thirsting for. This includes a number of carefully selected home business strategies explained by way of interviews with leading entrepreneurs who have already mastered the strategies. This book will change lives”
Stephen Parr
Stephen Parr Author - Take Charge of your Money Now
“How I wish this book was around when I was younger. It took me 50 years and cancer to discover how good it can be to work for yourself. I think this is a book everyone should read just to understand what it is possible.”
Toni Planinsek
Toni Planinsek Real Estate Company Owner
“Jyotsna gives a step-by-step formula for anybody to start a part time business and eventually turn it into a full-time business within a frame of 6 months. That’s absolutely amazing. She is living the dream and if there’s anybody who can write this book, it’s Jyotsna herself.”
Harshajyoti Das
Harshajyoti Das Author, Podcaster, Udemy Instructor
“If you’ve ever even thought about leaving your job, this book will give you the inspiration to go for it and the action plan to make it happen. Whether you lean toward services, products, or something in between, Job Escape Plan can definitely help you brainstorm your big exit from your day job!”
Morgan MacDonald
Morgan MacDonald PaperRavenEditing.com
“Jyotsna is living the dream and she wants you to as well. A great read, written by someone who is obviously putting her money where her mouth is and her own advice to good use.”
Steve Windsor
Steve Windsor VixenInk.com
“I wish I had this book earlier! You need to read this book to get yourself fully prepared for submitting that resignation letter comfortably and confidently if you want to make money when you sleep!”
Sharon Chen
Sharon Chen GourmetPersuasian.com

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