Ep 005: Lise Cartwright: Leading a location independent life by writing books

Lise Cartwright is an Amazon bestselling author who has written over 20 books. She started working as a freelance writer on Odesk a few years back so that she could earn enough to quit her job in an admin role. After becoming a successful content writer, Lise ventured into writing her own books under different genres. The passive income she is generating has given her the freedom to lead a location independent life, travelling around the world. Lise now coaches aspiring authors and has also co-founded a portal called Author Basics.

“You can’t scale your side business if you are working a full-time job. You have to make that decision.” – Lise Cartwright

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Ep 004: Kishen Sreehari: Founding a Startup after Dropping out of College

Kishen Sreehari is a startup founder from India. He dropped out of his college in Chennai where he was pursuing a degree in Commerce and moved to Bangalore to join a startup company. Soon he quit to start his own web design venture and ran it successfully for 3 years. He is now working on creating software products to help self-published authors and also teach them growth hacking strategies!

“If you are sure about what you want to do, it’s not difficult to convince others.” – Kishen Sreehari

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Ep 003: Morgan Gist MacDonald: How to Transition from a Freelancer to a Business Owner

Morgan Gist MacDonald is a writing coach and editor of nonfiction writing and the founder of Paper Raven Books. She blogs about writing, motivation, and impacting the world with your words at paperravenbooks.com. She started her career in the field of sociology and later found her passion in editing books. In this episode we’ll find out more about how this mom of 3 kids transitioned from a sociology teacher to a home entrepreneur. Morgan also shares her story of how she positioned herself as a company rather than a freelancer.

“When you start feeling the stress and overwhelm, that’s probably because you are turned inward. But when you turn outward to help others with their problems, that’s where you feel the nudge from the Universe about where you should go next.” – Morgan Gist Macdonald

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Ep 002: Dan Norris : Creating a Team to run a successful Service Business

Dan Norris is a serial entrepreneur from Gold Coast, Australia. He is an award winning content marketer, international speaker and the author of the bestselling books The 7 Day Startup and Content Machine. After failing at several entrepreneurial ventures, Dan started WP Curve in 2013. The company provides WordPress support to over 2000 clients by managing a team of over 40 developers from across the globe.

“I started WP Curve 2 years ago with just me, my phone and a developer in the Philippines.” – Dan Norris

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Ep 001: Megan Pangan : Creating a business based on the real you!

Megan Pangan was working in a government job selling flying discs, while learning photography from her boyfriend during her free time. She gradually grew her side-business of wedding photography that helped her to finally quit her uninspiring job. Megan now runs a video production company called Clean Media Production and is also the host of the hugely popular podcast Get in the Lab.

“If you have a talent or gift, that’s awesome. But you need to develop it.” – Megan Pangan

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Ep 000: Emergence of the Home Entrepreneur

In this introductory episode, I talk about my transition from an employee to an entrepreneur. As I had no one in my family running business, I started drawing ideas and inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs I admired.

“The fastest way to success is to study the path followed by other successful people and then create a roadmap of your own based on what would suit your lifestyle.” – Jyotsna Ramachandran

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