In this introductory episode, I talk about my transition from an employee to an entrepreneur. As I had no one in my family running business, I started drawing ideas and inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs I admired.

“The fastest way to success is to study the path followed by other successful people and then create a roadmap of your own based on what would suit your lifestyle.” – Jyotsna Ramachandran


Who is a Home Entrepreneur?

Someone who efficiently runs a successful business from home is a Home Entrepreneur. Technology has helped in the evolution of the Home Entrepreneur in a huge way.  I now run a book publishing company called Publish My Book Today along with my business partner Ani Alexander who lives in Armenia. We work with a team of freelancers from across the world to provide publishing services for authors such as book cover design, editing, formatting, uploading the books on Amazon, audio book narration, author websites, etc.I also coach people one-on-one to help write, publish and market their books that will ultimately help them grow their business. All I need is my laptop and the internet. I coordinate with my team through email and Slack. Money transactions are done through Paypal. Meetings are scheduled via Calendly and done through Skype. Documents are shared using Dropbox and Google Docs.

Advantages of working from home

  1. There is no travel involved, which saves time, money and energy.
  2. It gives a great work life balance if your work time and clearly define your work area.
  3. It also gives you the freedom to travel if your business is online.

My most favorite home entrepreneurs: 

  • Chris Ducker from Virtual Staff Finder
  • Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income
  • John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire

All the 3 run million dollar businesses by working from their home offices. 



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Job Escape Plan book

Publish My Book Today

Jyotsna’s Book Coaching





Chris Ducker

Pat Flynn

John Lee Dumas



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