I’ve heard about the concept of creating a vision board from many successful people in every field. However, I did not take the action of creating one until 2.5 years back. I attended a weekend program called the Money Workshop that was conducted by the Wealth Coach Mr.Suresh Padmanabhan. 

He insisted every participant to create a vision board. Thanks to him, I’ve started manifesting my goals one after the other. So, what is a vision board? It is a collage of pictures that represent the goals we have in different areas of our life.

Watch the below video to find out which of my goals I’ve achieved so far using my vision board:

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Steps to create a vision board:

  1. Make a list of all your goals in different areas of life related to Money, Health, Lifestyle, Hobbies, Relationships, Spiritual, Charity, Travel, etc.
  2. Find pictures that resonate with each of your goals. Make sure the pictures are of high quality. You’ll find them in magazines or on websites like Pinterest which you can print.
  3. Neatly cut-out the images and arrange them on a thick board. You may like to group related photos together and then stick them on the board.
  4. Feel free to add captions and inspiring quotes on the board in order to make it more lively.
  5. Mount the board on a wall or desk and see it at a designated time every day.
  6. While seeing the board, visualize in your mind that you’ve already achieved each one of those goals. Imaging yourself inside the picture and start feeling the emotions you would experience if you have all the things you want, become the person you want to become and do that things you want to do.
  7. Cherish those emotions and feelings because that’s the key to the Law of Attraction. The moment you feel great, you’ll start attracting all the great things you want from the Universe.

I request you to spend one hour to create a vision board for your life. Follow the steps mentioned above and see the miracles unfold in your life. If you already have a vision board or if you’ve just created one, do post the photo of your board in the comments below!

  • Akiesha Foster

    Hi Jyotsna,
    I love the vision board. I stop using mine, watching this video made me pull it back out again and start actively looking at it again. Keeping my vision before me.

    Thank you for the video.