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Inc. Magazine’s website featured my book Job Escape Plan as one of the Top 10 ‘Start your own Business’ books of 2015. Click HERE to read the article.

It was a dream come true to get interviewed by Nick Loper on his Side Hustle show podcast, where I share the current trends in Kindle publishing.Click HERE to listen to the interview.

My very first newspaper coverage by the National Tamil Daily, DinaMalar. Click HERE to read more about how I manage my online businesses.

In this Skype interview, I talk to Stefan Pylarinos, the person who taught me Kindle Publishing & share my success stories. Click HERE to watch the interview.

In this podcast interview on the Join Up Dots show, David Ralph makes me reflect upon the different life events that have helped me in becoming who I am. Click HERE to listen to the interview.

In this interview, Ani Alexander finds out how I make $4500 monthly passive income from Kindle Publishing. Click HERE to listen to the interview.

I talk to John Colley about how anyone can create a Kindle Publishing Empire and escape their jobs. Click HERE to listen to the podcast episode.

In this podcast interview, Harshajyoti Das asks me how I run a publishing company from home. Click HERE to listen to the interview.

In this interview with Rob Lawrence from the Inspiration Creatives podcast, I talk about where I draw my inspiration from and how becoming an entrepreneur brought out the creative dimension of my personality! Listen to the interview by clicking HERE & find out how I can help you publish your book!

In Self-Publishing Questions podcast, Steve Scott uses the example of Job Escape Plan to explain how a book can be launched successfully using the Free Promotions strategy. Click HERE to listen to this episode.

In this interview on Fire Your Mentor blog, I share my book marketing strategies that made Job Escape Plan a #1 Bestseller. Click HERE to read the interview.

My company Publish My Book Today had helped the famous author & Udemy instructor Rob Cubbon with the book cover, editing and category selection for his book Free Your Thoughts. He was kind to mention me in his blog post about how his book became an Amazon bestseller. Click HERE to find out more.

In this blog interview, I answer Lise Cartwright’s questions on how I quit my job and why I wrote Job Escape Plan. Click HERE to read the interview on her blog Outsourced Freelancing Success.

In this interview, I talk to Personal Branding expert, Bernard Kelvin Clive about the 7 steps to create passive income online. Click HERE to listen to the podcast episode.

Watch this video interview with Youth HR Club to know more about my past careers and how I transitioned from an employee to an entrepreneur.. Click HERE to watch the 1st episode & HERE is the 2nd episode.